E Montague Nelson's Book

of Letters, News Cuttings, and Keepsakes.




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Report on Nelson's Pure Beef Tea by the Analytical Sanitary Institution 8th October 1879.

Report on Nelson's Pure Beef Tea by Professor Attfield February 9th 1880.


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Nelson's Beef Tea Article December 13th 1879. (Lancet)

Nelson's Beef Tea Article August 14th 1880. (British Medical Journal)

The Soup Kitchen article Leamington Spa January 20th 1881.

Nelson's Home Comforts article introducing new cookery book and author Mary Hooper 14th April 1882.





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Messrs Nelson Bros Boiling-Down Establishment (New Zealand Napier)

Messrs Nelson Brothers' Works at Tomoana September 10th 1881. (Warwick Advertiser)


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Messrs Nelson Bros Boiling-Down Establishment at Tomoana. September 3rd 1881. (Leamington Spa)

Messrs Nelson Bros Works at Tomoana July 11th 1881.





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Correspondence- The Fair Trade Movement - (E M Nelson) September 20th 1881.

The Fair Trade Movement - (A Workman)

Fair Trade ALLAS Reciprocity. ALLAS Protection V  Free Trade. - (George Stevens)

Correspondence - The Trade Of Warwick - (Old Town)

The Fair Trade of Warwick - - (E M Nelson)

Free Trade and Land Laws - (Pro Bond Publico) October 8th 1881

Correspondence -The Fair Trade Movement - (A Workman)

Fair Trade Movement - (George Stevens)


Page 5

The Fair Trade of Warwick - - (E M Nelson)

Penny Reading at Emscote Mills - (Lord Brooke) 4th February 1882 (Warwick Advertiser)

Festivities at Warwick Castle 1839 (Reproduced by the Warwick Advertiser)

Conservative entertainment at Emscote April 1882 (Warwick Advertiser)

Fair Trade Movement - (George Stevens -A Workman - E M Nelson)





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The Warwick Penny Reading February 12th 1882 (Leamington Spa)

The Emscote mills Warwick February 12th 1882 (Leamington Spa)


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Mr Repton's Address to his Constituents at Warwick February 4th 1882 (Warwick Advertiser)





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The Nelson's Working Men's Club March 4th 1882. (Leamington Spa)

Loss of the Royal Mail Steamship "Sorata" Novemeber 9th 1880.


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Conservative Demonstration at Emscote March 23rd 1882.





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Letter from Malborough House, July !8th 1882.

Wreck of the Sorata

The funeral of Lord Beaconsfield April 27th 1881.


Page 11

Conservative Demonstration April 1st 1882.

A Famous Victory (after Southey) April 1884

Conservative Demonstration March 25th 1882 (booklet)





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The Court of Common Council November 3rd 1877 (Times - Telegraph)

The Dowgate Ward Election November 3rd 1877 (Daily Chronicle)

Halfpenny Postcard to Mr Nelson, October 1870

Royal Mail to Mr Nelson, Ealing (damaged)

Local Intelligence Bexhill July 8th 1886

Begging and Working E M Nelson Sept 3rd (Times)

The Late admiral Sir Richard Collinson, KCB

A Capital Days Outing August 6th 1881


Page 13

Two Letters from E M Nelson to the Municipal Electors of the Ward of Dowgate October 19th & November 1st 1877





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The Rules and Regulations of the Nelson working Men's Social Club Established January 1881.

Treat for the Employes of Emscote August 6th 1881

Dowgate Ward December 21st 1883


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Messrs Nelson, Dale and Co.'s Employes Trip to Ealing August 13th 1881 (Leamington Spa)

Freedom of Speech in Parliament March 11th 1882 (Globe)





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Referring to the Frozen Meat Export Trade June 9th 1882 (The weekly Mercury & Hawke's Bay Advertiser)

Freezing Operations in Otago September 8th


Page 17

Freezing Company Machinery arrives in Christchurch New Zealand

Article Timaru Herald re meat trade July 14th 1882

"Napier Sheep Tongues" August 4th 1882. The weekly Mercury & Hawke's Bay Advertiser)

A Mutton Cargo February 9th 1883 (Daily News)

The European Mail November 24th 1882





Page 18

Nelson Club Warwick Toast List - The Supper - opening of new premises.

The Nelson Club Opening Ceremony November 24th 1883.

Theatricals The Nelson Club December 6th 1883. (Programme)

Excursion and Picnic to Ealing 6th august 1881.


Page 19

Opening of the New Premises of the "Nelson" Working Men's Club

(The Warwick & Warwickshire Advertiser and Leamington Gazette December 1st 1883)





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Opening of the New Premises of the "Nelson" Working Men's Club (Continued)

Warwick Licensed Victuallers' Friendly and Protection Society January 1884.

Letter Statutable Oath as a Justice of the Peace August 6th 1885 (Edward Montague Nelson Esq.)


Page 21

Opening of the Nelson Club December 1st 1883. (Leamington Spa Courier)





Page 22

A Very Interesting Experiment March 24th 1883 (The Alliance News) George Howarth


Page 23

The Royal Visit to Ealing July 15th 1882. (The Prince and Princess of Wales)





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Nelson Bothers Ltd New Zealand Mutton

Nelson Bothers Ltd Prospectus, First Issue 13,500 Shares April 26th 1883.

Article - Home Fed v New Zealand Mutton

Article - Fresh Meat From New Zealand

Article - New Vessel for the New Zealand Service November 4th 1884.

Letter (Private) At The conference of the Freezing Company, Christchurch NZ. March 3rd & 4th

Loose Items

Nelson Bothers Ltd Reports to Directors for November 12th 1884 - October 27th 1885 - November 2nd 1886


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New Zealand Refrigerating Company August 5th 1886 (Otoga Daily Times)

Menu - Luncheon aboard the floating refrigerator "Prince of Wales" August 11th 1886.

Visit to the Floating Refrigerator August 11th 1886.(Plymouth)





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The Ancient Order of Forrester October 2nd 1886.(Middlesex County Times)

The Valley Old Company Prospectus - article October 1886 (Times)


Page 27 (Loose)

Meat freezing at Hawke's Bay New Zealand July 17th 1884.

American Fresh Meat Company, Cornwall St, Plymouth opens October 23rd

The Financial Condition of Egypt.

Frozen Meat Storage August 8th 1884. (The European Mail)





Page 32

To the electors of The Parliamentary boroughs of Warwick and Leamington October 19th 1885.


Page 33

Complimentary Dinner to E M Nelson Esq at Shire Hall Warwick February 24th 1886 (Menu)

Loose Items

Birthday Card March 5th 1884.

Page Divider (The Smuggling Song)

Article Mr Nelson on the Government Bill.

Conservative Lecture at Warwick June 14th 1884. (not shown)

The Bazaar at Warwick Castle (not shown)

Appointment of Magistrates E M Nelson

The Haslam Freezing Machines

Summary of Expenses W Peel MP.




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