Method Statement

EnvironSafe Engineers shall present themselves to Security, Reception or Nominated Person on entering a site or premises at which Inspection, Testing is to be carried out.

EnvironSafe Engineers will liaise with a nominated representative and agree schedule of work to be carried out.

Testing and Inspections will be carried out in accordance with IET's code of Practice for in-service Inspection and Testing.

EnvironSafe Engineers will seek permission before disconnection of appliances that are in use.

Pass labels will be attached to all equipment that satisfies the testing criteria. This will record the date of test, an asset Identification and the next due test date.

EnvironSafe Electronic Certification will be made available on request at a later date after data has been processed off site.

Items that do not meet the testing criteria will be recorded as a "FAIL" and labelled as such. The item will be  reported to a nominated person in order for its removal from service for repair or disposal as required.

EnvironSafe Engineers will inform Security/ Reception or Nominated Person when leaving site or premises.




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