Microwave Leak Detection Service


Microwave Ovens


Microwave Ovens conformity tests to the BS EN 60335-2-25 Safety Standard are carried out.

Tests include the following

Validation that the Microwave appliance has relevant warnings concerning Microwave energy specified in BS EN 60335-2-25.

Validation of correct operation of "Door Interlock System" to validate that Microwave generation ceases when the door is opened.

Measurement of the energy flux density of the Microwave leakage is taken 5cm from the external surface of the appliance to ensure the Microwave leakage conformance and does not exceed 50 W/m2.

Microwave Power measurement. Microwave Power is calculated using a known volume of water heated on full power for a defined period, using the temperature difference to calculate the Microwave Power.

These Tests can be combined with PAT testing if required.




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