Alderman Guy Montague Nelson.




Mayor Of Warwick 1936 - 1937 & 1939 - 1941


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OBE Certificate Guy Nelson







The Freedom Scroll



    At a Special Meeting of the Council of the Borough of Warwick, convened in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act, 1933, and held in the Council chamber at the Pageant house, Warwick, on the twenty-seventh day of March, 1968 at 5.55 0'clock in the afternoon,


    His Worship the Mayor (Councillor Phillip William Nock) in the Chair.


    It was moved by his worship the Mayor, seconded by the Alderman Edward Roberts Bartlett, and RESOLVED by not less than two-thirds of the members voting thereon:-


    That the Warwick borough Council in pursuance of section 259(2) of the Local Government Act, 1933,


THE HONORARY FREEDOM of the BOROUGH OF WARWICK in recognition of the eminent services which he has given to the said borough during the last forty years AND DO HEREBY ADMIT him to be an HONORARY FREEMAN of the said borough accordingly.


During that time he has held inter alia the following offices or appointment:-


Warwick Town Council

First Elected 1928.

Mayor - Coronation Year 1936-37 and 1939-41.

Alderman since 1942.


Warwick Racecourse

Chairman of Committee since its formation in 1950.


Henry VIII Charity

Appointed a Trustee 1929.

Chairman sin 1942.


Thomas Oken's Charity

An original Trustee appointed 1934.


Austin Edwards Charity

Chairman of Trustees since 1948.


Lord Leycester Hospital

appointed governor by Act of Parliament 1956.


Warwick United Charities

Trustee since 1939.


Warwick Schools

Appointed a Governor 1935.

Chairman of the Governors since 1938.


Warwickshire Police Authority

Appointed to committee 1938.

Deputy chairman 1956-1966.

Chairman since 1966.


Warwickshire County Council

Member 1942-1946.


Justice of the Peace

Appointed 1938.



1959. Awarded for Public Services in Warwickshire.


Deputy Lieutenant of the County of Warwick



GIVEN under Common Seal of the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses this Thirteenth day of May, 1968.


THE COMMON SEAL of the Mayor Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough of Warwick was hereunto affixed in the presence of:-


P.W. NOCK, Mayor

H.B. DOLPHIN, Town Clerk


The engrossment is illuminated and decorated with the Arms of alderman Nelson and the Borough Coat of Arms.





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Alderman Guy Nelson OBE



The main hall of Warwick School, the Guy Nelson Hall, was built, following an appeal, between 1969 and 1970. It has seating for about 600 people, which is now far less than the total size of the school. Alderman Guy Nelson, after whom the hall is named, was a long-serving Chairman of Governors (1938 - 1963).


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