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...preface from Hints On Cookery. Victorian Recipes


Although these Hints on Cookery and General Management of the Table were written by a Frenchwoman for her own people, there is much to be gathered from them which may be universally useful.

The author has, indeed, sometimes exalted her own nationality at the expense of others, but, on the principle that "happy are they that hear their own detractions and can put them to mending," these complimentary remarks have been allowed to stand in the translation.


Exception will certainly be taken to the author's sweeping condemnation of English roast beef; yet there is some justice in it, for we all know how the best material in the world can be spoiled by careless cookery; and it is undoubtedly true, as the author asserts, that no quantity of salt, pepper, or sauces can in any measure compensate for the want of salt during the roasting of the meat. a notion prevails among English cooks that to salt meat before roasting draws out the juices, is done in exposing this fallacy.


The boiled potatoes which appear at each meal on English and German tables, are justly denounced by our author. Not only do we lose much valuable nourishment by our method of cooking vegetables simply in water, but they are thereby rendered most insipid and for many people indigestible.

When properly fried in fat, potatoes are transformed into a delicious and delicate article of diet, of which adults and children may alike eat with advantage.

On the score of expense there used to be no difficulty; for the dripping which in too many houses goes into the grease-pot answers perfectly well for frying purposes; and for the rest, with a little fire or a gas-jet and ordinary care, all is simple enough.

One is at a loss to understand how it is that a nation standing foremost in science and art, and able to perform astonishing feats of engineering skill, is yet unable to compass fried potatoes as a dish of every-day family fare!


It is impossible to controvert the assertion that Frenchwomen are queens of the kitchen, and that they excel above all other nations in the delicate and delightful art of cooking.

It is to their patience and to the fact the smallest detail does not escape their attention, that their superiority is due.

If our countrymen will but condescend to imitation in these particulars, the reproaches which are now heaped upon our national cookery will speedily be converted into praises.

Mary Hooper (Gabrielle Le Brasseur)








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