"Home Comforts - A Book Of Useful Facts For Housekeepers" c1880

Victorian Times

How to make Strawberry Jelly P6 - China Mania P7 - Smoky Chimneys P8 - Happy Play P9 - Seaweed made useful P10 - Sewing Machines P12 - Ladies Clubs P13 - How to make Meringues P14 - Aerated waters and Effervescing Draughts P15 -

Sight Seeing for children P16 - Notes on House Rent P17 - Economical Housekeeping P18 - The Secrets of Adulteration P19 - Woman's Rights and Wrongs P20 - To be taken Note of P21 - Electricity at home P22 - Nutritive Properties of food P23 -

The Secret of Beauty P24 - Bon-Bons and Bon-Bon boxes P25 - Improved Literature P26 - How to keep a Piano P27 -

Drainage as it should be P28 - Laying in a stock of coal P30 - The art of shopping P31 - Fair Wages for servants P33 -

The world of toys P36 - New things in glass ware P37 - American Meat P38 - Christmas Decorations P40 -

Fire Screens and how to make them P41 - Notes on modern honeymoons P42 - Ventilation made Easy P44 -

Her Majesty's Mails P45 - Draughts of pure water P46 - Seaside Discomforts P47 - How to learn music P48 -

Governesses of all work P50 - Ice making at home P51 - Every Man his own glass cutter P52 - A lesson in economy P53 - Mineral Oil Cooking stoves P54 - An easy way to dye gloves P55 - Ferns and Ferneries P56 - A feast of Oysters P58 -

How to test milk P59 - The progress of cookery P60 - The Aquarium and its Inhabitants P61 - Our Photographic Albums P62 - Cooking by Gas P63 - The art of arranging Bouquets P64 - Gas and Gas Fittings P65 - Tinned Meats P65 -

Shut your mouth P67 - Falling fast asleep P70 - Music in the house P71 - Dye, Paint and Powder P72 -

Handy Waterproofs P73 - Matrimonial Reconciliations P74 - In love with old lace P75 - The pursuit of health P76 -

Pet Dogs, and how to treat them P78 - The Secrets of Tea Making P79 - A Useful Stove P80 - The Cost of a Party P81 -

Art at home P83 - The Round of Fashion P84 - The Reign of Beauty P85 - Improve times for children P86 -

Everlasting Flowers P88 - Taking Care of the Voice P89 - Fashionable Needlework P91 - Valentines and Christmas Cards P92


Compiled for the benefit of Warwickians and others by Anthony James Leahy


 A Walk in Warwick



Rediscovering the Gelatine Factory




The Gelatine Factory

An account of 1899


A Visit to

Messrs. G. Nelson, Dale & Co. 1880




Nelson's Today



Mary Hooper


George Nelson


T B Dale

William Nelson

Nelson Works

Tomoana New Zealand

Sir E Montague Nelson

Charles Nelson's

Cement Works


Charles Montague Nelson


George Wyatt A city trade jubilee



Guy Montague Nelson


Nelson Village

Charles St, Warwick


The Lawn at Emscote


Nelson's Lozenges

 packaging & adds

Descendants of George Nelson

Mary Hooper Letters

 Mary Hooper Book Collection


Nelson's Home Comforts

Mary Hooper


Little Dinners

Mary Hooper


Cookery for Invalids

Mary Hooper


Every Day Meals

Mary Hooper


Hints on Cookery

Mary Hooper


Good Plain Cookery

Mary Hooper


Handbook for the

Breakfast Table

Mary Hooper


Weekly Telegraph

Cookery Book

Mary Hooper


Our Dog Prin

Mary Hooper


Ways & Tricks of Animals

Mary Hooper


Wives and Housewives

Mary Hooper


Lily's Letters from the Farm

Mary Hooper


Randolph Turpin



Davis Gelatine

Gelatine and its uses

Isinglass Wars 1852




Papers on Cookery



Mary Hooper

Info Required

Guitar Art

Fleur De Lys Factory


Nelson's Heritage Walk




Anthony Leahy



Anthony Leahy


Art & Photography

Anthony Leahy


A Major Arcana

Kathleen Forrest


The Drumroom

Anthony Leahy