Nelson Timeline

for the benefit of Warwickians and Others by Anthony James Leahy

1800 George Nelson born in Nottingham
1808 Thomas Bellamy Dale born in Nottingham
1833  Nelson and Herring Chemist at 33 Bath Street Leamington
1834 Charles Nelson Born
1836 George Nelson in partnership with Godfrey & White at Chemist Shop 3 Union Parade, Leamington
1837 George Nelson establishes gelatine business at Rock Mill Leamington

George Nelson applied for a patent for Opaque Gelatine.

John Walsh said to be a partner with George Nelson at Rock Mill?

George Henry Nelson Born

1838 Patent Granted for Opaque Gelatine.

Partnership dissolved by 1838 nelson, Godfrey and White, Leamington Priors Warwickshire chemists.

1839 Frederick Nelson Born
1840 Andrew Ure MD FRS report on Patent Opaque Gelatine
1841 George Nelson moves from Rock Mill to Emscote Mills.

George Nelson Family living at Rock Mill.

Edward Montague Nelson Born

1842 CR611/484/ Hill House Warwick lease to George  Nelson.
Lease Hill House 26th September
1843 William Nelson Born.
1844 The Lawn at Emscote built for George Nelson
1847 Ray Franks started work in around 1947 after leaving the army and ambulance driving he became a van driver and Alderman Guy Nelson’s Driver.
1850 George Nelson Died.

Thomas Dale moves from London to head firm at Warwick.

CR611/335/1-3 (1850 – 77) Probate George Nelson

George Nelson Saw Mills wharf (Timber Merchant) and patent gelatine manufacturer (History, gazetteer, and directory, of Warwickshire - Page 540)

1851 George Henry Nelson left School
1852 Swinborne v Nelson courts of chancery.
1858 William Nelson mentions Nuthurst in his diary.
1859 Title [Dissolution of partnership of Messrs. Charles Nelson and Joseph Rutland, lime and cement manufacturers, of Birmingham, Stockton, and Leamington, Warwickshire] 
1860 George Henry Nelson became a partner to his mother Sarah and Mr Dale.

Edward Montague went into the business, based in London.

William Nelson Starts work at the Tan Yard in January - Transferred to Stockton 19th March.

1862 Edward Montague Nelson became a partner.

Thomas Dale’s Nephew Mr Morris became a partner in the business also based in London.

William and Frederick Nelson leave for New Zealand on the Devonshire 26th October.

1863 Thomas Bellamy Dale mayor of Warwick
1865 Sarah Nelson died
1866 William Nelson returns to England from New Zealand to get married.

Will Sarah Nelson released 6th September 1866 (Frederick and William).


1868 70 plus employed at the cement works at Stockton.

William Nelson and bride return to New Zealand.

George Henry Nelson mayor of Warwick.

1869 Charles Nelson became a partner in the gelatine business.

The Lodge (to the Lawn) built from Concrete Blocks.

1870 Charles Nelson enters into partnership with Thomas Blythe and William Blackstone at Stockton cement works.

Charles Nelson took into partnership his brothers, George and Montague, together with Thomas Blyth and William The cement industry 1796-1914: a history,   A. J. Francis - 1978

1872 Charles, George Henry and Edward Montague along with Mr Morris enter 10 year partnership.

West Wing added to the Lawn at Emscote Concrete Blocks.

William Nelson and family return to England.

1874 George Henry Nelson mayor of Warwick.

Hanger Hill House and 145 a. were leased to Sir Montague Nelson, tenant from 1874 and chairman of Ealing U.D.C.

1877 Charles Nelson died.

6th March A declaration of Trust entered into by the three brothers.

1878 Will of Chas Nelson 1877 of Crackley Hill House – Brother of George Henry and Edward Montague. Examined with Probate 13th May 1878.

NELSON'S BLUE LIAS LIME, STOCKTON, WARWICKSHIRE, AND 16, SOUTH WHARF, PADDINGTON-, W. Delivered by Rail and Canal to all parts of the Kingdom.

1879 William Nelson and family return to New Zealand for the last time.

Advert in Official Handbook National School of Cookery.

1880 Thomas Dale built The Temperance Hotel and Coffee House at the Old Square Warwick. 

The Lawn at Emscote bought outright (Property previously leased).

British Journal of Photography, visit to Emscote in 1880.


1881 Nelson Working Mens Club January (Rule Book published).

Essences – Lemon: Almonds: Vanilla 1881
Extract of Meat – Gravies and Soups in packets 1881
Pure Beef Tea – in packets 1881
Tinned Lemon Sponge 1881
Bottled Jellies 1/2 pt 1pt and 1 quart – Port: Sherry: Orange: Cherry 1881

1882 George Henry and Edward Montague along with Mr Morris purchased the freeholds of the leaseholds that they held. They were consolidated into one freehold at a cost of £7500. The brothers also purchased 20 acres of freehold land on the other side (north) of the canal for the sum of £5400. Mr Dale was soon to leave the partnership so was not involved in the acquisition.

Thomas Dale leaves partnership.

Mary Hooper revises Nelson's Home Comforts.

Nelson Working Mens Club built in Wharf Street / Charles St. Warwick.

Blanc-mange, Nelson’s Gelatine, Lemonade, Nelson’s Soups and Nelson’s Beef Tea.

CR1294/4 Journal of expenditure 1882 - 83WRO.CR1294/6 Letter Book 1882 – 1883.

1883 Nelson working Mens Club official opneing Nov 24th.

Prospectus of Nelson Brothers, Ltd. issued.

Theatricals at the Nelson Club December.

Will and tenancy agreement 29th September Emily Nelson of Kenilworth WRO.

Nelson's Bottled Jellies, Nelson's Port, Sherry, Orange and Cherry Jellies, Nelson's Citric Acid and Pure Essence of Lemon, Nelson's Pure Essence of Almonds and Vanilla, Nelson's Gelatine Lozenges, Nelson's Albumen and Nelson's Extract of Meat added to product preface.



1884 Nelson Brother's cargoes were almost entirely sold at Smithfield Meat Market.

Nelson Bros Ltd made three shipments of frozen meat.

Milk Lozenges introduced.

Nelson's Calf's Foot, Lemon, Port, Sherry, Orange and Cherry Jellies (noted as Calf’s Foot), Nelson's Milk Lozenges, New Zealand Mutton and Nelson's Tinned Meats added to product preface.

1885 Stores under Cannon St Station opened  Nelson Bros ltd.

Sales thoroughly established, take lease of Upper Thames. Contracted to purchase freehold estate 5,500 acres Omatua, to be used with co's works at Apley.

Chocolate Lozenges and Licorice Lozenges introduced.

Conservatives of Warwick & Leamington secure E Montague as candidate to stand for parliament (Sept) against AW Peel the speaker.

1886 Nelson Brothers, Ltd. purchased the goodwill and business of the New Zealand and Colonial Consignment Co., Ltd.,

New Right of Way (poss Charles st).


1887 George Nelson, Dale and Co became a Limited Company.

Nelson Brothers and the Southland company, signed a contract with the Tyser Line.

Nelson Brothers made forward contracts with sheep farmers.

CR1294/7 Minute Book 1887 – 1916. WRO .

Board Meeting 14/12/1887 Shares G H Nelson 748, E R Morris 499, E M Nelson 749, Un-issued 700 Shares Filed at Emscote mills Head Office.


1888 East wing of the Lawn at Emscote built.
1889 Emscote Village Charles Street built.

The Prince of Wales Hulk Refrigeration ship sent out to New Zealand.

Nelson's Special X Opaque for Dry plates.

Nelson's Jelly-Jubes product added. Nelson's Milk Lozenges and Nelson's Chocolate Lozenges deleted from product preface.

1890 Thomas Dale died.

CR2433/31/349 TB Dale Clevedon Villa 38 Coten End WRO.TB dale valuation of Probate £23.11??? 12th May.

1891 E Montague Nelson appointed director of Bank of Australia.

E Montague withdraws as candidate for Warwick & Leamington

1892 Nelson's Bros Ltd opened premises in Lambeth,  said to be the biggest and best-equipped cold store warehouses, in the world.

Nelson's Port, Sherry and Orange Wine Tablet Jellies added to product preface.

1893 extensive premises, known as Nelson's Wharf, embracing warehouse, cold stores, and distributing station, were opened at Lambeth, with frontage on the river Thames.

The Blue Lias Cement is employed in the manufacture of some of the artificial paving-slabs, sinks, and troughs. ... Chas. Nelson and Company. GH Communicated by Mr. C. Hall. I. Communicated by Messrs. John Ellis and Sons. …

Nelson's Granulated Jellies added to product preface.

1894 celebration of the jubilee of Mr. G. Wyatt
1895 Extract re George from "Glimpses of our Local Past John Charles Manning.

E Montague Nelson, Australian Chilling and Freezing company share capital £250,000 in £1 shares.

E Montague Nelson addresses Society of Arts on the 29 March Whence comes England's roast beef etc. 

1896 Warwick Dry Plate Company was formed with Austin Edwards.

E Montague Nelson became the first president of the frozen meat trade association.

1897 Three narrow gauge loco's at Stockton built by Peckett.

Disasterous Flood in New Zealand on William's property.

Sir E. Montague Nelson (of Nelson Brothers, Limited) and many of the leading bankers and shipowners approve of the scheme of Mr. E. T. Hooley for the purchase of all the Australian meat companies.  30th June.

1898 George Henry Died on 5th March.

London warehouse and offices, College St opend?

Austin Edwards Moved to Warwick around September 1898.

1899  "Round About Warwick" with a peep into the Gelatine Factory at Emscote by Alfred Barnard 
1900 Some experiments were made on the railway with grouting with " Nelson's Cock Brand " of blue lias lime. ... In the station tunnels in the City the grouting was partly done with cement, the lower part with neat cement, and the upper part.

Nelson's Bottled Concentrated Jellies, Nelson's Bottled Concentrated Calf's Foot, Lemon, Port, Sherry, Orange and Cherry Jellies, Nelson's Creams, "Hipi", Hints on Cookery for Invalids added to product range. Nelson's Port, Sherry and Orange Wine, Tablet Jellies. Nelson's Lemon Sponge, Nelson's Jelly-Jubes, Nelson's Extract of Meat, Nelson's Beef Tea, Nelson's Tinned Meats, New Zealand Mutton no longer listed on product preface.

1902 E Montague Nelson resigned in December
1903 Hipi (mutton) Lozenges introduced.

"Hipi" Lozenges and Nelson's Powdered Gelatine added to product preface.

1904 “Smith v Nelson” at the Royal Courts of Justice
1905 The meat supply of the United Kingdom. Journal of Society of Arts. E Montague Nelson 15th March
1911 Lozenges Tin design (gold) reg no 583685 King of Spain
1914 The New Nelson Club at Stockton built
1915 Walter Nelson killed while trying to cut gaps, through the barbed wire, to allow his platoon to move forward. 
1916 Woman allowed to have baths at the club.

Wed 7th March Anthrax Frederick Turner, case proven through accident records.

1919 Sir Monatgue Nelson Dies.

The will of Sir Edward Montague Nelson, The Lawn, Warwick, a pioneer of the New Zealand meat export trade, chairman and -managing director of the Australian Chilling and Freezing Company, the Colonial Consignment und Distributing Company. Nelson Bros. Ltd., and the Central (Queensland Moat Export Company, chairman of George Nelson, Dale, and Co., and a director of the Australian Estates and Mortgage Company, mayor of Warwick, and sheriff of Middlesex, has been proved in London at £80,082.^ Sir Edward Nelson left £200 to his gardener, David Cooper. 25 October 1919 (the Argus Melboune.)

1921 Frank Cowley a fitter started in 1921 and features of the 50 years list 
1924  Guy Nelson, became Managing director of George Nelson Dale & Co
1928 Guy Nelson elected to town council
1931 CR1462 Cement works 1931 – 42 WRO.

Mssrs Nelson’s and Co Ltd delivered 25 – 45 tons lime to Saltisford, Emscote, and Kingswood 1931 steerers were Beechey and Monk. Coal was picked up and taken back to Stockton. 

1936 Guy Nelson elected Mayor of Warwick.

The Bank of Australasia received a cable message from London yesterday announcing the death of Mr Harold Nelson a member of the court of directors of the bank Mr Nelson was chairman and managing director of the Nelson Financial Trust Ltd and a director of George Nelson Dale and Co.

1938 Guy Nelson appointed Chairman of Warwick School and Justice of the Peace
1939 Guy Nelson elected Mayor of Warwick
1940 Dredging of the Nelson Arm on 6th November 1940 cost  £24-10s – 2d
1941 Charles Nelson 16 South Wharf – C Nelson & Co 1941
1942 Guy Nelson Alderman
1949 Charles Nelson and Co Ltd  was closed and demolished
1950 Guy Nelson elected Chairman Warwick race course
1951 Charles Nelson & Co. Ltd., who provided a workmen's club at a cost of £2000, are now controlled by the Rugby Portland Cement Co. Ltd. The predominantly industrial character of the village is shown by the adoption of the name 'Blue Lias' 
1953 Warwick and Warwickshire Advertiser report June 5th.

Edward Montague (Sam) Nelson) enters the firm of George Nelson Dale and Co Ltd.

1957 Davis Gelatine take a controlling share in George Nelson, Dale & Co., Ltd
1959 Guy Nelson Awarded OBE for Public Services in Warwickshire.
1966 Guy Nelson appointed police authority Chairman
1967 Guy Nelson Deputy Lieutenant of the County of Warwick
1968 Guy Nelson receives The Honoury Freedom of the Borough
1969 Guy Nelson Died.

Nelson, Dale & Co listed Kelly's Directory possibly last time

1970 Nelson land listed Kelly's Directory
2011 Nelson Talk Conducted at Warwick School by Anthony Leahy and Sam Nelson
2014 The Nelsons Of Warwick at The Lord Leycester Hospital by Anthony Leahy and Sam Nelson 5th June for Warwick 1100 years celebration


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