Nelson Village

Charles Street Warwick

Compiled for the benefit of Warwickians and others by Anthony James Leahy

Reworked and enhanced by ajl  - PH352/187/287 reproduced by kind permission of the Warwickshire County Record Office"

Nelson Village is all but lost in the expanse of the Percy Estate these days but stands as a testament to the vision of the Victorian industrialist George Nelson.


"It may be out of place if we refer to the fact that this Company seem to have fully comprehended the proper relations that should exist between Capital and Labour. The firm pay good wages and provide a very large number of their employes with comfortable houses of their own construction, which are built on a large estate adjoining the works, with due regard to comfort and sanitary conditions, and are let to them at most reasonable rents. Indeed, Nelson Village is quite a model colony, containing as it does, twenty-three work-men's cottages and two pretty villas for the Works Managers."

Alfred Barnard 1899




Nelson Village (Charles Street) c1899 -1910 (Janet NZ)



Nelson Village (Charles Street) 1899



Residents of Charles Street and Wharf Street (Later to become part of Charles Street)1899 Spennell's Directory

William russell, George Haelwood, William Jarvis, W Woodfield, Thomas Wright, Thomas Jones, Joseph Boswell junior, F W Griffin, George woodfield, T Lovatt, Charles Taplin, John Edwards, Thomas Isaac ashmore, William Lovatt, William Hudson, John mottram, A Fox, Thomas Watson.

Wharf Street - James Mountford, William Lester, John Hazelwood, W Stock, charles Cox, George Jackson, Frederick Sawford, Mrs E Stroud, Arthur ford, John turner, G Sayce, Mrs Hanson, E Hyde, Henry trhearn, Thomas Henry Mander, John Wilkins, Thomas Jeffs, JW Ariss.


Some of the above employees are probably featured in this photograph of Gelatine Workers from 1899



Nelson Village (Charles Street) 1899 & 2009

"Left  reworked and enhanced  by ajl  - PH352/187/287 reproduced by kind permission of the Warwickshire County Record Office",


The Manager's Villas, Nelson Village ((Charles Street) All Saints Road) 2009


Nelson Village Cottages (Charles Street) 2009


Nelson Club (Charles Street) 1899 & 2009


4 Charles Street Warwick built by Sir E Montague Nelson for his Gardener at the beginning of the 20th century.


Aerial Nelson Village Charles Street


Wharf Street (Charles Street) c1900


The Nelsons


A Brief History of The Nelsons Of Warwick



Compiled for the benefit of Warwickians and Others by Anthony James Leahy


Rediscovering the Gelatine Factory



The Gelatine Factory

A comprehensive account 1899

from Round About Warwick


George Nelson



Nelson's Emscote Mills 2009



T B Dale


Charles Nelson's

Cement Works at Stockton


The Nelson Brothers


William Nelson


George H Nelson


Sir E Montague Nelson

E M (Sam) Nelson


A Visit to

Messrs. G. Nelson, Dale & Co. 1880



Nelson Works

Tomoana New Zealand


Guy Montague Nelson

Nelson Village

Charles St, Warwick


The Lawn at Emscote


Nelson's Lozenges

 packaging & adds

Nelson's Club

Isinglass Wars

Swinborne v Nelson


Nelson's 1950's

Warwick Advertiser account 1953



Descendants of George Nelson


George Wyatt A city trade jubilee



Nelson's Heritage Walk


Gelatine and its uses


Davis Gelatine


Sir E Montague Nelson's Scrapbook Circa 1882

Nelson Gym

Nelson Patents


The Nelsons of Warwick Timeline





Walter Nelson




Home Comforts


Mary Hooper



Mary Hooper Letters

 Mary Hooper Book Collection


Nelson's Home Comforts

Mary Hooper


Wives and Housewives

Mary Hooper


Little Dinners

Mary Hooper


Cookery for Invalids

Mary Hooper


Every Day Meals

Mary Hooper


Hints on Cookery

Mary Hooper

Good Plain Cookery

Mary Hooper


Handbook for the

Breakfast Table

Mary Hooper


Weekly Telegraph

Cookery Book

Mary Hooper

Our Dog Prin

Mary Hooper

Ways & Tricks of Animals

Mary Hooper


Lily's Letters from the Farm

Mary Hooper

Charles Wentworth Wass

Round About Warwick

Mary Hooper Books Wanted

Fleur De Lys

The Pie Factory at Emscote

Nelson Story

In Brief


Nelsons Story


Nelson's Home Comforts

From Beginning To End


Cookery & Home Comforts

Mrs Wigley

Rock's Royal Cabinet

Leamington & Warwick 1880



Anthony Leahy



Anthony Leahy


Art & Photography

Anthony Leahy


A Major Arcana

Kathleen Forrest


The Drumroom

Anthony Leahy









Compiled for the benefit of Warwickians and Others by Anthony James Leahy




 A Walk in Warwick





Book Wanted Handbook For The Breakfast Table

Book Wanted Wives and Housewives A Story For The Times


3 The Butts

Sky Blue Heaven