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Environsafe PAT - PAT TESTING in Warwick and Leamington Spa  for as little as 75p per appliance. Tel: O78O5 5O1627.PORTABLE APPLIANCE TESTING by a Qualified Experienced Technician based in Warwick. No Middle Man so you can rely on getting the best possible service at the best possible price.

We are Local unlike the majority advertising on Google who purport to be from Warwick or Leamington Spa but in fact are National companies based elsewhere advertising locally then contracting your business out.  They offer unrealistic initial prices to gain your business then shock you with a whopping price hike the following year.

If you are looking for PAT testing, Environsafe consider that you are doing so because you want to safeguard your business, protect your Staff and Customers alike so we conduct our Inspection and Testing accordingly. Your business can be assured that an Environsafe Pass Label on your Electrical Equipment is a statement that it has been inspected and tested for electrical safety.


Ethos: We value customers as the foundation of our business.

Our relationship with customers  are based on principals of respect and mutual  benefit.

We strive to create profitable and lasting relationships.

Our aim is to build on what we do best and innovate to meet changing customer needs.



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Your Safety Is Our Business


Environsafe PAT service, as it is known, carries out regular checks, inspections and tests 
on electrical equipment used in workplaces to prevent the danger of injuries to staff 
caused by faulty appliances.

It is an often overlooked fact that business owners of all sizes must ensure that electrical 
products used in the workplace are maintained. 

Every year about 1,000 accidents at work involving electric shock or burns are reported 
to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Even non fatal shocks can cause serious injury 
and fires caused by faulty electrical appliances can threaten lives and businesses alike. 

Electrical portable appliances are often roughly handled when moved from place to place, 
operate in a variety of environments and in many instances have more arduous 
and onerous usage compared to fixed equipment.

Our electrical checking, inspection and testing programmes will identify any risks, 
confirm that in-built safety measures in electrical items remain effective and enable 
any faulty appliances to be removed for repair or replacement.

Environsafe is equipped with the latest test technology and conducts testing to the most
exacting standards.



"We value our customers as the foundation of our business.

Our relationships with customers and suppliers are based on principles of respect and mutual benefit.

We aim to develop profitable and lasting relationships.

We want to build on what we do well and to innovate to meet changing customer needs."


Your Safety Is Our Business

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