Nelson's Gelatine Products


The Nelson Story Began in Leamington Priors in the early 1830's

From Beck's late Fairfax's Leamington Guide 5th edition 1839

Beck's late Fairfax's Leamington Guide 5th edition 1839



Trade Card 1830's



Beck's late Fairfax's Leamington Guide 5th edition 1839


Beck's late Fairfax's Leamington Guide 5th edition 1839


Advert from Moncliffe's Guide 1833




Advert from"The New Mirror" Volume 2 1843 USA






"THE SUBSCRIBERS have made arrangements for the sale in this city and the United Stales of Nelson's Patent Opaque Gelatine an economical preparation superior to calves feel and isinglass for jellies blanc mange soups gravies &c being nearly three times the strength of any similar preparation and equal in virtue and purity to the finest isinglass and about filly per coin cheaper It is neatly put up in packages of 8 oz 4 oz und 2 oz and is warranted to keep in any climate. Directions for using accompany each package. The trade supplied on liberal terms for sale exclusively by A BININGER & CO 141 Broadway.


 The following certificate of that eminent Chemist Dr Ure accompanies each package:


LONDON Bedford Square June 6th 1840,

I have subjected to a careful chemical examination the Patent Opaque Gelatine of Mr George Nelson and find it at least equal in strength and purity if not superior lo the best isinglass for every culinary purpose. It is entirely free from any impregnation of acid such as I have found lo exist in other kinds of Gelatine in the London market. Mr Nelson's Gelatine is therefore capable of forming the best Blanc Mange without being apt to curdle the milk as the aciduous gelatine infallibly will do. I find that one ounce of his Opaque Gelatine is sufficient to form a quart of calves feet or orange jelly of the best quality and greatly more consistent than the jellies produced with the same proportion of other Gelatines above referred to. I find also that an excellent and nutritious soup may be prepared by dissolving an ounce of Mr Nelson's Gelatine in a quart of water and flavouring it as usual with vegetables and a little stock of meat.


Received by the Toronto from London, a fresh supply of the above article.






Nelson's Patent Opaque gelatine broadsheet 1840s

Advert c1850


Left Advert Household Hints to Young Housewives - Right Advert From The Great Exhibition Catalogue of 1851






Nelson's Gelatine Glass Display Jar Approx 12" (Great exhibition 1851?)


Nelson's Gelatine Products as Advertised in Home Comforts 60th Thousand c1879


Nelson's Gelatine Products 1882 - 1886



Nelson's Family Box assortment 7/6d 1882 - 1886

Nelson Bros canned Roast Mutton - Sheep Tongues 1880s


Advertising and Marketing

From the Nelson Collection 2012


Nelson's Patent Opaque Gelatine 1 quart and 2 quarts



Nelson's Patent Opaque Gelatine c1910 3"x 1.5"





Nelson's Gelatine Lozenges Tin??? (Approx 6" x 4" x 4"H) -


Nelson's  Pure Beef Tea advert British Medical Journal 1881





Nelson's Lozenges Tin c1878 B&Ms Pat (Bryant & May 1877 -1889) - Red Tin ? - Tins right front and rear 1912


Nelson’s Lozenges

Nelson’s Gelatine Lozenges were introduced in the preface of the fifth edition of Nelson’s Home Comforts around 1883. In the 6th edition of 1884 Milk Lozenges had been introduced and Chocolate and Licorice Lozenges were introduced by way of the 7th edition of 1885. Chocolate and Milk Lozenges were no longer featured by the 10th edition of 1899. Hipi Lozenges featured in the 22nd edition of 1903 which was the last edition attributed to the Author Miss Mary Hooper. Nelson’s Gelatine and Nelson’s Licorice Lozenges endured.



Nelson's Lozenges Oval Tin c1890's (added Aug 2012)


Nelson's Lozenges c1890's



Nelson's Gelatine Lozenges Tins (3 1/2" x 2 3/4" x 2 1/2" H) & (4" x 4" x 5 1/2" H)

Nelson’s Gelatine Lozenges are not only a delicious sweetmeat, but most useful as voice lozenges, or in cases of sore or irritable throat. The flavour is very delicate and refreshing. Dissolved in water they make a useful beverage, and also a jelly suitable for children or invalids”



Warwick Castle

Nelson’s Milk Lozenges have been prepared to meet a want long felt by physicians and nurses, that of providing a sweetmeat for children and invalids at once nourishing and delicious. Theses lozenges will be found invaluable for persons requiring a milk diet, and their portable form makes them a great convenience for travellers. For coughs and cases of throat irritation, Nelson’s Milk Lozenges will be found soothing and curative. The lozenges are composed solely of concentrated milk of the highest quality, and the purest gelatine”



Stratford on Avon

Nelson’s Chocolate Lozenges are made with gelatine, milk and specially prepared cocoa, thus forming a nourishing and delicious sweetmeat”



Kenilworth Castle

Nelson’s Licorice Lozenges are not only a favourite sweetmeat, but in cases of throat irritation and couch are found to be soothing and curative”



Lord Leycester's Hospital

Nelson’s Hipi Lozenges are now offered for the use of those persons who require a substitute for their ordinary diet when on a journey or unable to procure a good meal. These Meat Lozenges are portable and nourishing, have all the delicacy of the original “Hipi” preparation, and, being free from added salt, will not provoke thirst. Invalids, cyclists, and travellers will, for these reasons, find “Hipi” Lozenges invaluable”



Nelson's Gelatine Lozenges Tin (6" x 6" x 5 1/4" H)



Nelson's Gelatine Lozenges Tin (3 1/2" x 2 3/4" x 2 1/2" H)





Nelson's Lozenges Tins with views of Warwick and Kenilworth Castles




Nelson's Gelatine Lozenges Tin By Appointment to the King of Spain (5" x 5" approx" 1912)



Gelatine Lozenges for Songsters



Cricket - Keep you fit throughout the innings & Football - Prevent that dry feeling in the throat and mouth


Golf - Keep you fresh on the long tramp & Tennis - The Sun won't worry you with Nelson's handy

Photography by Martin Green from his collection August 2010



Advertisements from The Grocer Magazine 1909 (Canada)



Nelson’s Baking Powder







Images Baking Powder Tin reproduced (ajl) by kind permission and generosity of Edward Montague (Sam) Nelson.





Nelson’s Jelly Jubes


Nelson’s Jelly Jubes were introduced by way of the 10th edition of Nelson’s Home comforts in 1889.


Nelson’s Jelly-Jubes will be found most agreeable and nourishing sweetmeats, deliciously flavoured with fruit essences. They can be used as cough lozenges, will be found soothing for delicate throats, are useful for travellers, and may be freely given to children.



From Dave Small's collection of antique coin-operated vendors.


The Medical Surgical and Hygienic Exhibition

Hipi, a pure mutton essence,

of which no less than 1,040 doz. 4 oz tins,

or I 1/2 tons, have been supplied to the War Office

was shown by G. Nelson Dale & Co., Ltd.

From the Nursing Record and Hospital World June 1901

Right Daily Newspaper Advert 1902

Nelson’s Hipi


Nelson’s “Hipi” (Pronounced Heapy) is the Maori word for sheep. It is also the name of a Pure Mutton Essence, prepared by Nelson’s Brothers, Limited, in New Zealand, from the lean of those sheep which are too large to freeze for the British Market, and is sold by G. Nelson, Dale and Co., Limited, London.


Analysis by experts of the first authority has established the high nutrient value of “Hipi,” and experience has proved that the ratio of these nutrient substances to mere stimulating properties is very satisfactory. The quality of “Hipi” is so excellent that, although it contains no chemical or artificial preservative, it will keep good for at least a week after being exposed to the air.


Hipi” is different in character and taste from the well-known Extracts of Beef, has the fine flavour and properties of mutton broth, and is free from any objectionable indication of having been over-heated or burnt in the preparation. This delicacy of flavour makes “Hipi” of exceptional value for invalids. It provides an entire change from Beef Extracts, and is, at the same time, more digestible and nourishing qualities that cannot be over estimated.


Hipi” is most welcome in the kitchen, its perfect flavour rendering it invaluable for soups, gravies, savoury jellies, etc., for which recipes are given. With no more trouble than is involved in dissolving “Hipi” in hot water, and adding a little Nelson’s Gelatine, excellent clear soup can be made at a much less cost than from fresh meat. By the judicious use of “Hipi,” a little gelatine and vegetable flavouring, with the liquor in which fresh meat, fowls or rabbits have been boiled, an endless variety of good soup can be made.


Hipi” is the cheapest first-class Meat Essence now offered to the public, and this, after quality, is a point of the greatest importance.



Photographic gelatine

From "instructions in Photography" 1900



Left "ABC of Modern Photography" W K Burton 1884

Right "the chemistry of Photography" raphael meldola 1889




A half-pound packet for Nelson's photographic gelatine No1.




A half-pound packet for Nelson's photographic gelatine No2.


The Powerhouse Museum Australia have this listed as c1950 - There is a date clue written on the top of 1883 and I believe that may be closer to the actual date of manufacture, because "By Royal Letters Patent is dated on other Nelson products from 1882. (100mm x 100mm x 240mm)



Gelatine consisting of small yellowing shards.

(gelatine removed from packaging and sealed in plastic bag by Conservation team.)



Nelson's no 1 gelatine packaged by jonathan fallowfield ltd c1923




Warwick Plates (1901 - 1920?)


Austin Edwards Ltd Warwick Ensign Film Tin c1920



Austin Edwards Ltd Warwick Ensign Films c1946 -1952 - 1948


Nelson's Bondfix sold in all branches of FW Woolworths (1930's)

Nelson's Products listed in the london gazette Nov 1936 were, gelatine, gelatine glue, adhesive pastes etc.


Adverts 1879 - 1899


1880 Advertisement "Handbook of The National Training School For Cookery"



Nelson's Soups Leaflet / Broadsheet c1897




Image reproduced from authors 1980's research papers (March 2010) c1905


10" x 8" card Image reproduced (March 2010) by kind permission and the generosity of Edward Montague (Sam) Nelson.


Nelson Gelatine Add from Mrs Beeton's Cookery Book







Nelson's Orange, Almond & Lemon Essence Bottles c1894







From Nelson's Home Comfort by mary hooper


Adverts before 1880


from Home Comforts



Broadsheet flyer 1880



From The Official Guide To Warwick 1953 - 54 - Right Nelson's Advert Canada 1909

(Published by New Centurion Publishing Co, Derby)


From The Great Exhibition Catalogue of 1862


From Spennell's Almanac and Annual Directory 1899


From Spennell's Almanac and Annual Directory 1905


From Spennell's Almanac and Annual Directory 1914



Nelson's Sparkling Gelatine (in Davis Gelatine Livery c1950's)


Nelson's & Davis Gelatine Containers




Nelson's Granulated, powder and shred Gelatine


Davis Gelatine Ltd, Warwick, England (c1960s)



From Spennell's Almanac and Annual Directory 1922





Nelson's Gordon's Granulated Gravy (c1913)





Gordon’s Granulated Gravy Add, 16th Oct 1913 The Mercury (Hobart Tasmania)


Gordon’s Gravy makes the difference 3rd Sept 1914 (War Ref)


Nelson's Custard Powder



Nelson's Fruit Pudding c1910 - 1920s



Nelson's Gelatine Lozenges Counter Display Jar 1920s?



From Spennell's Almanac and Annual Directory 1882




From "Gelatine and its Uses.




Nelson's Waferleaf Gelatine Broadsheet c1904


George Nelson, Dale & Co. Ltd.. Leterhead 1910


George Nelson, Dale & Co. Ltd.. Leterhead 1940



Nelson Bondfix Franked Letter 1942







George Nelson, Dale & Co. Ltd.. Leterhead 1969


The Nelsons


A Brief History of The Nelsons Of Warwick




Compiled for the benefit of Warwickians and Others by Anthony James Leahy


Rediscovering the Gelatine Factory



The Gelatine Factory

A comprehensive account 1899

from Round About Warwick


George Nelson



Nelson's Emscote Mills 2009



T B Dale


Charles Nelson's

Cement Works at Stockton


The Nelson Brothers


William Nelson


George H Nelson


Sir E Montague Nelson

E M (Sam) Nelson


A Visit to

Messrs. G. Nelson, Dale & Co. 1880



Nelson Works

Tomoana New Zealand


Guy Montague Nelson

Nelson Village

Charles St, Warwick


The Lawn at Emscote


Nelson's Lozenges

 packaging & adds

Nelson's Club

Isinglass Wars

Swinborne v Nelson


Nelson's 1950's

Warwick Advertiser account 1953



Descendants of George Nelson


George Wyatt A city trade jubilee



Nelson's Heritage Walk


Gelatine and its uses


Davis Gelatine


Sir E Montague Nelson's Scrapbook Circa 1882

Nelson Gym

Nelson Patents


The Nelsons of Warwick Timeline





Walter Nelson




Home Comforts


Mary Hooper



Mary Hooper Letters

 Mary Hooper Book Collection


Nelson's Home Comforts

Mary Hooper


Wives and Housewives

Mary Hooper


Little Dinners

Mary Hooper


Cookery for Invalids

Mary Hooper


Every Day Meals

Mary Hooper


Hints on Cookery

Mary Hooper

Good Plain Cookery

Mary Hooper


Handbook for the

Breakfast Table

Mary Hooper


Weekly Telegraph

Cookery Book

Mary Hooper

Our Dog Prin

Mary Hooper

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Mary Hooper


Lily's Letters from the Farm

Mary Hooper

Charles Wentworth Wass

Round About Warwick

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Fleur De Lys

The Pie Factory at Emscote

Nelson Story

In Brief


Nelsons Story


Nelson's Home Comforts

From Beginning To End


Cookery & Home Comforts

Mrs Wigley

Rock's Royal Cabinet

Leamington & Warwick 1880



Anthony Leahy



Anthony Leahy


Art & Photography

Anthony Leahy


A Major Arcana

Kathleen Forrest


The Drumroom

Anthony Leahy










Compiled for the benefit of Warwickians and Others by Anthony James Leahy




 A Walk in Warwick





Book Wanted Handbook For The Breakfast Table

Book Wanted Wives and Housewives A Story For The Times


3 The Butts


Sky Blue Heaven